Small sales teams go online to boosts output by 800% and cut cost by 62% (plus 3 more reasons)

Sales is a numbers game. But how do you hit your targets week after week? Learn why teams choose an online first approach.

By Michiel Postma
Marketing & sales consultant

Because online is the new reality

LinkedIn automation, a referral strategy and company recognition software; make sure to implement multiple sources of leads. With every channel you’re adding, you’re pushing your team to act and close deals.

And the numbers don't lie

Working from home has impacted cold calling. And the absence of networking events cancelled spontaneous meetings. It’s time to upgrade your lead generation with an online first approach. This is what it can do.

  • 230% more meetings from sales calls with nurture campaigns
  • Outsource prospecting and outreach for as little as € 1,25 per prospect
  • Use LinkedIn Ads to generate sales leads for just € 14 per contact
Alex, Companda: “We did all sales internally and individually. Even the repetitive stuff. It was a struggle. Ballpark showed us how to outsource parts of our sales process to a remote team. In 2 weeks we scaled output by 800% and cut cost with 62%. No joke.”

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    Because there are playbooks that make sales easy as pie

    It’s all about the weekly routine. Whether you’re dealing with complex sales cycles or serving a larger proven market we’ve got the right playbook. We’ll make sure your sales team is aligned to your new process.

    Don't rely on motivation and experience

    It’s common your best salespeople are a blocking issue in scaling up results. Why? Because you’re running sales on experience only. With a clear playbook everyone can do sales. Plus you’ll be able to outsource and automate the success of sales without having to babysit your SDRs.

    Once the playbook is in place, sales becomes a simple routine that delivers output on a weekly basis. It’s a no-brainer.